Médaille de l’Aéronautique

News from Paris.

On the 29th May 2012 at the Aero-Club de France in Paris, French Deaf pilot Henri received une Médaille de l’Aéronautique (medal of aeronautics) from Mr. Patrick de Rousiers, French Air Force 5-stars General.

Henri receives une Médaille de l’Aéronautique from Mr. Patrick de Rousiers, French Air Force 5-stars General

Below are Henri’s achievements which led to him receiving this honour.

  • Licensed Ultralight Motorized pilot in 1986 in France
  • Passed the written tests of Commercial Pilot and IFR rating in 1987 in France
  • Licensed Private Pilot in the USA in October 1990
  • First Solo flight done in France in April 1991
  • Winner of the international deaf pilots contest in the USA in July 2002
  • Certified Ultralight Motorized Aircraft Instructor since early 2004
  • Multi-Engine Rating since May 2006
  • Founder-president of « Aéro-Club des Sourds de France » (French Aero-club of the Deaf – Ex IDPA-France) since 1996
  • Co-founder of Handicapped Pilots Committee at Aéro-Club de France in April 1997
  • Honour Reward Medal of Aéro-club de France in March 2003
  • Licensed Private Pilot in the United Kingdom in October 2004
  • Licensed Private Pilot in France in October 2008
  • Medal of Aeronautics (highest award in the French aeronautical world) in May 2012
  • Flying experience: about 1,800 flight hours (including 1,072 aircraft and 720 Ultralight / microlight types) since 1984