Andrew from London Gliding Club, Dunstable, shares some of his experiences.

What is your first aviation memory?

Back in 1950’s on a school trip to Heathrow Airport where we had a flight, low over London in a DH Dragon eight-passenger biplane.  I was hooked!

What prompted you to learn to fly?

I was inspired to fly when I was at de Havilland Aeronautical Engineering School as an apprentice.

When was your first glider flight?

It was in 1960 when I first flew in a Slingsby T21P, side-by-side two seater, a prototype of the well-known T21b which over 200 were built.

When was your first solo?

I was about 23, in a single-seat Slingsby Swallow after 72 flights in T21b.  No one can ever forget his or her first solo!

Who has been the biggest influence on your gliding?

I would have to say it was my time with the de Havilland Aircraft Co for many years.  For gliding, it was the late Ted Warner, the CFI at Cambridge University Gliding Club.

What do you see as your best achievement in gliding?

I have flown for more than 50 years and one of the proudest things I have done was to write a book on gliders for Jane’s, the aviation publishers.  I have a strong interest in vintage gliders and have restored a few gliders.

What is your favourite glider?

Whichever one I am flying at the time but I think my favourite is the 1949 DFS Weihe which I restored and flown for 14 years.  It was a gentleman’s glider!

Andrew at LGC