Sywell Nov 2012

Tim, Claire and John made the most of some great autumn weather and visited Sywell for some lunch.

The day started early with getting our airplane, a Robin DR 400, out of the hangar.

After a short delay, we eventually got airborne with our flight taking us straight over Northampton.

Northampton with pitsford reservoir in the background

Sywell was busy when arrived with plenty of aircraft flying and microlights towing hang gliders across the circuit downwind leg.  We had to make one go-around before finding a free slot and touching terra firma.

We quickly made our way over to the pilots mess located in Sywell’s impressive 1930’s Art Deco styled buildings.

After a cup of tea and a “microlight breakfast” it wasn’t long before we had to head back Edgehill.  The days in winter are short and the sun sets low in the West which made the visibility poor on the return leg.

Even though the flights were only short it was a great day out.  Thanks for Sywell for letting us visit.

Blue Skies and fair winds…..