Learn to Glide

In Spring 2013 Shenington Gliding Club will be hosting a gliding course specifically for training deaf people to fly.

The instructor running the course is deaf & there is one vacant space available for a deaf person.

The course is 5 days and each day consists of briefings and flying. Normally we do about 6-8 flights a day. It is a practical course, we will spend most of the day outside and you are encouraged to help out around the airfield.

The flight training will be done with using a mixture of winch launches, aero-tow and self-launching motor-gliders. Most gliders have a tandem cockpit, which makes communication challenging for deaf people. However this can be overcome with careful briefings and the use of Communication aids such as mirrors. We’ll also use the side-by-side motor glider, for some phases of training, which makes communication so much easier.

The course fee is £585, which includes 3 month membership with the club.

If there are some non-flying days due to bad weather, your account will be credited so that you can continue to fly on another day. So you will not lose out to bad weather.

There is on-site accommodation available in a bunkroom at £5 a night. The gliding club is offering 2 free nights if 5 nights or more are booked with the course

Please contact the website administrator for more information.