Safe Winch Launching

Deafpilots UK has been able to subtitle two videos produced by the BGA on safe winch launching for the benefit of deaf glider pilots.

The Safe Winch Launch initiative was launched by the BGA in 2004 and has made a significant difference, reducing the number of serious winch accidents.

In fact the BGA won the 2011 General Aviation Safety Award from the CAA in recognition of the success of the initiative.

More information, including an interactive quiz, is available on the BGA website.

The Safe Winch Launches video is produced in two parts, and can be viewed from DeafPilotsUK YouTube channel below.  Subtitles should display by default, but if they do not, click on the “captions” button.

Many thanks to the BGA for permission to post these videos, and to Hugh for providing the voice transcript.

Part 1

Part 2