Sutton Bank October 2014

Deaf Pilots visited Yorkshire Gliding Club at Sutton Bank between the 24th-26th October.

I arrived on Friday afternoon with the DG-500 to find Joan and David already flying with the CFI.  One pilot had just landed having reached 11,000 ft in wave!

This year was a smaller group than usual but we all had a great time soaring the ridge and wave.


The morning started with clear skies and 25 knots south westerly wind and we arrived at the club for the morning briefing excited by the prospect of possible wave flying.

Dave took the first flight with the CFI in the DG-1000 and found wave meanwhile the rest of us rigged the DG-500.  By the time Paul and I took a launch the sky has turned overcast and the wave had disappeared.  🙁

After landing the wind direction changed and strength increased so the tugs had to be put back into the hangar.  The club changed runways and launched the gliders by winch straight into the ridge lift.

Rodney, Joan, Dave and I all enjoyed soaring flights on the ridge and in weak wave in the afternoon.


The wind was stronger, 30 knots South Westerly and the tugs were left in the hangar again.  Joan and I took the first flight and started soaring the ridge and eventually found some wave south the Moors, in which we managed to climb to 4,000 ft.  The upper cloud prevented us from climbing any higher so we keep weaving between the cloud gaps.  I wish I had taken my GoPro but what a flight!

Rodney and I took another flight after lunch but were unable to find wave so stayed local on the ridge, staying airborne for nearly 2 hours.

What another great weekend!

Many thanks to Yorkshire Gliding Club for hosting us again this year.

See video below for some flying clips.