This web site is for all deaf/hard of hearing people interested in flying.

Many people believe, or have been told that it is not possible for deaf people to fly.

The common belief is that you must be able to use the radio.  It is very possible to do recreational flying non-radio and this covers a very wide range of possibilities when it comes to recreational flying. However, since radio is heavily used in commercial flying and to date, we do not know of any commercial deaf pilots.

There are a small number of us in the UK whom are qualified to fly small light aeroplanes and gliders.  Some of us have been flying for many years.  There are also many more deaf pilots in the USA, France and elsewhere in the world.

This website has been created by a group of deaf friends that fly, and is about our flying adventures, achievements.  We also aim to provide some advice on flying for deaf people.

We hope that this will encourage more deaf people to gain their wings.